I am currently an independent composer and musician, writing primarily for orchestra. I am quite eclectic, having a folky-acoustic album and an electronica album and multitudinous metal compositions and and quite a lot of difficult-to-classify combinations thereof. This blog will share some of those with you.

I also like to create remixes, rearrangements and re-imaginings of classical/old-timey musics, as well as modern film and video game soundtracks. This blog aims to share those with you as well.

I also intend to write about various topics of interest to myself, hopefully to you too. I’ve never been much of a writer, and indeed have never maintained and internet web-log before, so this is all somewhat of a grand experiment for me.

This will now be my official internet location until I get dangoodale.com back up and running. Perhaps longer pending it’s success.



  1. Wanted to say I found all your Daggerfall remixes on Grooveshark and I really enjoyed them. I hope you are still making music and look forward to your future releases.

  2. Dear god, your work is amazing. Perhaps my favorite (which is saying a lot) is your rendition of Cid’s Theme.

  3. Dan, I absolutely *love* your work on the Daggerfall music! It’s a pity I’ve discovered it just now. Keep up the good work and all the best wishes from Russia!

    • Thank you, I am happy you have found them, enjoy!

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