Daggerfall Remixes

This page contains a bunch of Daggerfall remixes that I have been working on. I have within the last year rediscovered the game with its being released as freeware, and was taken with how perfectly fitting the compositions were. Being me, I naturally tried to find some better-than-MIDI-quality tracks somewhere about the internet. I found a few, but not so many as I would have liked, so I decided to make a couple myself, making various little edits to the form and arrangements as I saw fit as I went along.

For example, most of the tracks don’t have endings, as they were meant to loop indefinitely, or they ended on a V chord or something else that sounded out of place to me. I also tried to subtly blend in musical themes from later additions to the Elder Scrolls series into a couple of these tracks in order to make them blend into the soundtracks of later games, should one wish to ever compare them. (I did.) “gsnowb” is a good example of both of these.

I’ll keep adding to this page and may or may not make a post announcing as much, so keep checking.

Here is a collection of all my DF remixes, a nearly complete remake of the entire soundtrack, in four zip files.  Hosted on mediafire. Enjoy!

.Mp3 version:


.Ogg version


The originals are of course written by Eric Heberling and owned by Bethesda Softworks.



  1. I really appreciate your work, but I think you forgot to remix the best song of all the game. Look at this link:

    Why don’t you do this one too?

    Thank you very much!

    • Hey, thanks for the comment! Although I agree with you on the greatness of that particular track, I found two very good arrangements of it by Robert Hood, “Winter Grey” and “Treading Winter,” both available on youtube and elsewhere. However, if ever I have the time and inclination to do some more daggerfall remixes, it will be near the top of the list.

      • Hey, I really do hope you so. Your work on these tracks is fantastic, and a complete soundtrack collection would just be perfect, especially in conjunction with the XL Engine. But thanks for your work so far, it’s truly great! 🙂

      • Robert Hood’s versions seem to stray from the mood of the original soundtrack.

        I must say your remixes are the most unexpected and awesome thing I found on the internet in 2017. They are (at least to me) perfectly canonical to the game and, at the same time, regularly trigger ‘wow, that’s good’ reactions from non-gaming people. Chapeau bas!

  2. Amazing work. *adds to his Morrowind music folder*

  3. This is awesome! Great remixes dude! 😀

  4. This just made my day. I’ve always thought that the compositions in Daggerfall were WAY more effective than miscellaneous ambient noises and meandering musicality. Your remixes are faithful to the spirit of the originals, fresh, and I daresay more effective.

    An instant fan, thank you so much.

  5. Hi Dan

    I found your work through Grooveshark (thank you to whomever uploaded it) – you’ve taken great tunes and made them beautiful and wondrous things to hear again, as if for the very first time.

  6. Hi,

    these Daggerfall remixes are awesome. 🙂

    I wanted to ask for permission to use them for a The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim modifcation named Beyond Skyrim. We are rebuilding the area of Daggerfall (and other areas).

    Kind Regards,

  7. […] like the one I’m going to play here, G_Snow_B. When I started Frontier, I got permission by Dan Goodale to use his remixes of Daggerfall music in my mod as well as in any videos I would create about […]

  8. You are legendary! These tracks are awesome!

  9. Just found about these remixes thanks to DFUnity and enjoying them for couple of days. Dark dungeon themes give me shivers and grand sunny desert themes is just beautiful. Thanks a lot!

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